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Lucia Bellizia has a degree in Classic Literature and is currently in completion of a second degree in Philology and the history of Antiquity. She had thus deepened her knowledge of ancient Greek and Latin as well as having studied French and German


She is the founding president and member of the non-profit, self-financing cultural association Apotélesma. The association was born the 6th of May, 2008 in Genova, geared towards researchers who wish to deepen their knowledge of our common history through astrology, contrasting the superficial approach and plethora of misinformation this field is unfortunately bound to.


Lucia Bellizia has been interested in astrology since 1984, though it was only in 2002 after having explored various branches of modern astrology that she decided to exclusively cultivate ancient astrology. She has taken part in various international and national conferences and has often been guest speaker at various institutions (libraries, museums). She has written for magazines dedicated to astrology (Ricerca ’90) as well as academic journals (Bruniana & Campanelliana). She has also organized basic and advanced courses on the main principles of ancient astrology as well as different forecasting techniques. The aim of her research, that have always been based on antique texts in their original language (ancient Greek and Renaissance Latin) and of the school of astrology Apotélesma, which she directs, it is not only to deepen knowledge of techniques but also to show how these disciplines have been and are part of the thought’s of human history.


Numerous essays and some translations of passages of ancient astrology and philology of the twenty-first century may be found under “articoli” at the site She is member and advisor of the Association Cielo e Terra, that deals with raising awareness and sharing methods of ancient astrology as well as of C.U.R.A., Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie, created in France by Dr. Patrice Guinard.






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