Monica Canducci


Certified Rolfer™ e Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, teacher of Physical Education and Movement, Monica Canducci has worked and still works in various artistic fields (theatre, music, dance and voice experiment) as interpreter, teacher and trainer of famous international artists, and in the same time in the field of health promotion.

Among the main artistic experiences: after obtaining a Diploma as “Maestro d’Arte” (Master of the Arts Diploma) at the State Institute of Art in Urbino and a Diploma at the teacher training college, she attained a further Diploma in Pianoforte at the Conservatoire in Perugia, while at the same time studying Composition at the Conservatoires of Pesaro and Parma. She made her début in theatre as actress and singer in “Con fervido zelo” by and with Sabina Guzzanti (1992 Aristofane Award), where she was joint composer of the background music. After concluding her studies in the Art of Movement and Theatre with Brigitte Morel and Kuniaki Ida, she extended her knowledge in vocal experimentation with Michico Hirayama and Germana Giannini, in Indian dance with Savitri Nair, in butoh dance with Laura Cadelo, and in contemporary dance and theatre dance with Marco Baldazzi. 

Among other theatre experiences, she took part, as actress and dancer, in “Sogno d’Estate” (Summer Dream) (1997–98 tour) and “Tempesta” (Tempest) (1999), both taken from Shakespeare’s masterpieces and both directed by Gianluca Reggiani. She made her solo début in Rome (2007) in the performance “Long walk home” (music by Peter Gabriel), incorporating choreography and improvisation into the dance.

Since 1996 she has been studying and collaborating with M° Philip Beamish, teacher and personal coach of some of the greatest names in dance throughout the world, building up the Beamish Bodymind Balancing® method, a technique which increases body awareness, a balance between body and mind, and the perception and coordination of movement. At the same time, thanks to the vast personal experience gained in the field, she has become trainer and body-mind coach to artists of national and international fame (actors, singers, dancers, performers and presenters).

In the field of health and education: at the Upledger Institute she attended a course in cranio-sacral techniques and somato-emotional release and, later, she researched the study and practice of the myofascial techniques. In 2008 she achieved the NLP™ Trainer certification, licensed by the NLP™ Society (Neuro Linguistic Programming), after attaining qualifications under Dr. Richard Bandler, joint NLP™ inventor.  

She held professional refresher courses for teachers (infant school, primary school and secondary school) on expressiveness, creativity and meaningful use of the body, verbal and non-verbal communication, and control of emotions and stress. At the same time she held courses for medical staff recognized by ECM (Continual Education in Medicine) on the subject of wellness and for the therapeutic relationship of quality, and courses in health formation, revealing the potential of touch and massage and the benefits of quality physical contact in therapeutic relations.

Since 2004 she has collaborated with "Keiron – body mind emotions environment”, a center for promoting health, as trainer and consultant. Since 2010 she has collaborated to the "K-brain Project", a home-based cognitive and motor rehabilitation project addressed to people with acquired nervous system damage, by developing a specific ideomotor training to increase the recovery of motor skills and perception.

Always been interested in the knowledge and study of ancient symbols, esotericism and spiritual  traditions, between 1985 and 1986 Monica makes the 22 oil paintings on canvas “Gli Arcani della Soglia” (The Arcana of the Threshold), in which she drew the "essence" of the Major Arcana of Tarots, publishing  after the homonymous book. 

In the same period, the encounter with prof. Andrea Vitali gave her the opportunity to exhibit the Arcana  in Ferrara during the exhibition Le Carte di Corte. Gioco e Magia alla Corte degli Estensi (The Court Cards. Game and Magic at the Este Court) and in other following exhibitions.


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