Monica Canducci


Monica Canducci is an author, speaker, artist and teacher highly acknowledged internationally in the field of personal development.


She obtained the Diploma of Master of Art at the State Institute of Art of Urbino, the Diploma of Master's Degree in Rimini, the Diploma in Piano at the Conservatory of Music of Perugia, while studying also Composition at the Conservatories of Pesaro and Parma. At the same time, she continued her studies in the scientific and philosophical fields, as well as in the fields of theater, dance, yoga and martial arts.


She obtained the Certification in Counseling, Coaching and Hypnosis and became a Certificate Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming™.


As a Movement Coach, since the 1980s she has worked in the field of performing arts (theater, music, dance, vocal experimentation) both as a performer and trainer of internationally renowned artists, working simultaneously in the field of health promotion.


She teaches courses addressed to teachers about expressiveness, creativity, verbal and non-verbal communication, emotion and stress management, and provides training courses for health care professionals about the importance of quality touch and verbal / non-verbal communication in the therapeutic relationship.


Her passion for connections, communication and neuroscience has lead her to explore the fascinating world of interconnections between body structure, thoughts, emotions, language and perceived environment. This passion has lead her to collaborate with "Keiron - body mind emotions environment", Center of Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience for the promotion of health, as a trainer and consultant.


The study and collaboration with M° Philip Beamish, teacher and personal coach of the greatest names of dance worldwide, has lead her to work beside him to structure and register the Beamish Bodymind Balancing® method. After obtaining the certification as a Rolfer ™ & Rolf Movement practitioner, Monica created the method Move In Mind™ to increase body awareness, balance of body and mind, perception and coordination of movement.


As a trans-disciplinary teacher and artist who integrates different areas of expertise, Monica is committed to exploring the connections between human structure, movement, psychological states and the world of metaphors, symbols and archetypes, in order to support people on their path towards well-being, serenity, harmony, healing and personal realization.


Interested in deepening the knowledge of symbols and ancient esoteric and spiritual traditions since her adolescence, between 1985 and 1986 she created the series of 22 oil paintings on canvas "The Arcana of the Threshold", in which she portrayed the "essence" of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, later followed by the book. In the same period, thank to the meeting with prof. Andrea Vitali, she had the opportunity to exhibit the 22 Arcana in Ferrara as part of the exhibition “Le Carte di Corte. Gioco e Magia alla Corte degli Estensi”, and in other exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.


Since the 80s, continuing with her researches in the field of symbols and ancient traditions, Monica combines the study of Hermeticism and Alchemy with the work with healers, shamans, men and women of medicine, teachers and masters belonging to spiritual consolidated lineages from different parts of the world. She is connected with different spiritual paths, from Judaism to Sufism, from Nepalese Shamanism to the "Way of Medicine" of natives Algonquin, receiving specific initiations.


By integrating her artistic-scientific-spiritual background and her openness to the invisible world, Monica constantly explores the interconnections between the various disciplines, inspired by the model of the Renaissance individual (polymath).


Through the language of metaphors, symbols and archetypes and tools such as Astrology and the Tarot, Monica's work aims to reveal a bridge between intuition and rationality, as well as between the tangible and invisible dimensions of being, promoting self-knowledge, awareness, healing, inner peace, harmony and balance.


In 2012 Monica has moved to Canada, and periodically she continues to teach and practice in Italy. Since 2019, by using technology, Monica has started to provide online sessions, consultations, lessons, classes and training in Italian and English.




Move In Mind: the power of mental imagery in nervous system rewiring, 2015 (available on Amazon)

The Arcana of The Threshold - The Path of Realization, Soul’s Garden 2018 (available by contacting the author)

Turn to Heal - Dancing beyond, Soul’s Garden 2019 (available on Amazon)

The Faerie Code, Soul’s Garden 2019 (available on Amazon)





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