Marcos Mendez Filesi

Marco Mendez Filesi Marcos Mendez Filesi was born in Madrid of an Italian mother. After graduating in History at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), he has worked as an archeologist in Italy, Mexico and Spain. For years he was editor and managing editor. He currently works as a writer, director and teacher. The historical essay El laberinto, historia y mito was his first publication as author (Edicion Alba, 2009).

His passion for the Tarot arose after the discovery of essays by Andrea Vitali, Lothar Teikemeier and the project which collaborates in its international version. He is currently writing a historical essay on the Tarot El Tarot, Art y Cultura en el Renacimiento, to be published in 2011.

For Mendez, the tarot is primarily "a machine to imagine" as indicated by Italo Calvino and Albert Coust, that allows you to approach to the Renaissance mentality, a period in history, he says, where only the Fool seems to show some glimmer of sanity.


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